How Can You Tell A Damselfly And A Dragonfly Apart?


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Damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) are usually confused with dragonflies (suborder Anisoptera), but there are a number of fundamental differences between the two. While resting, damselflies hold their wings together above the body, usually in a slightly open position, whereas dragonflies at rest hold their wings in a horizontal or slightly down and forward position. The hindwing of the dragonfly is caudal to a connecting point at the body is slightly broader near the base. On the other hand, the hindwing and the forewing of the damselfly are essentially similar. The eyes of a damselfly are separated, whereas those of a dragonfly touch each other. A dragonfly's eggs are round and about 0.5 millimetres long, whereas those of a damselfly are cylindrical and longer, about one millimetre long. Damselfly larvae have longer and narrower abdomens and they have three protruding fin-like gills at the end, whereas larval dragonflies are shorter and bulkier, and their gills are located inside the abdomen. However they are both members of the same family Odonata, and their life cycles are similar.

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