I Found My 8 Year Old English Bulldog Dead This AM He Had No Prior Symptoms....he Had Slobbed, Pee'd And Has A Little Poop Coming Out, Could It Have Been Heart Failure?


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I'm sorry for the loss of your dear pet. There are many reasons for a pet to pass away, just like there are many reasons for people. Please do not wonder if you could/should have done anything to prevent this! Dogs can have the same symptom-less problems that affect people. He most likely went peacefully, and muscle relaxation accounts for the poop and stuff. Again, so sorry for your loss. I have 2 dogs and know this must be pretty painful for you.
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My sweet baby Duchess died today of what we think could have been a heart attack.  She ate dinner around 4 o clock. I ran to the store with my two children and when I came home she was lying down tongue out and blue and she pooped as well. She was the most beautiful bulldog and brought us ten years of joy. Yes ten years.  It is so hard to see your beloved pet that way.  She will live forever in our hearts.
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Saturday we experienced the almost identical thing with Trooper. We were all at a farmers market with him for about an hour and returned home. Everything was fine and we left the dogs home so we could go to a movie. Once we came home we were greeted by Mila and Trooper and fed them dinner at 4:30, they ate like normal and then we had dinner.

I returned to the family room 20 minutes later to see Tooper laying down next to the coffee table. For some reason I decided to watch him for a few seconds and noticed no movement in his side. Then I noticed his tongue was out and cyanotic.

I knew right then. I cried and just couldn't understand why.

Trooper will always have the most special place in my heart.

I miss him terribly.
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My beautiful british bulldog died today , she was playing and jumping around at 11am , I went into the kitchen where she was at 12 o clock and she had died, she was 8 years old and seemed fit and healthy, I can only presume she had a heart attack as she had no symtoms of illness, we are all devastated and can't stop crying, we have just arranged for her to be cremated and have her ashes placed into a casket  for me to keep. Rip my beautiful elsa x
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I am so sorry for your loss, and I understand wanting to understand what happened.

Poop and pee coming out of a dog that has died is normal whatever the cause. The muscles that control bowels and bladders relax with the death and their contents flow out.

As someone else mentioned a blue tongue or even a gray tongue or gums would be indicative of a heart attack. Slobbering could be a sign of a stroke or poisoning.

Back to the heart issues. I have boxers which are notorious for heart issues, as are Bulldogs. I lost my first one to a heart attack. She had no symptoms. While my second did not succumb to his heart issues he had them all the same. We found out by pure accident when he was on an EKG before surgery. He never had the surgery and was at a cardiologist the next day. He was on heart meds for the last 4 years of his life, which kept his arrhythmia under control.

I took my current boxer in to see a cardiologist at the age if six to have a full work up to see if there were any issues and to catch them early if so. Nothing showed up. She is now 8 and has had a second work up after a collapse earlier this year, and still seems to be doing fine. She will have to have an annual screening though as we have no real answer for her collapse, which could have been caused by an odd arrhythmia.

Often times the first sign of a heart condition, is sadly the last as it is very often fatal. Again I am so sorry for your loss.

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Quite possible. It could even be heartworm. When an animal dies they usually do unrinate/poop. Their muscles all relax and what was held in their system is then released. My dog recently died of heart failure. So I know some symptoms, difficulty breathing, heart beats rapidly doing minimal exercise, and some swelling from water that builds up around their heart. Since your bulldog had no other symptoms, then it very well could have been heartworm. Could he have gotten into some kind of poison? That is all I have for you. Sorry for your loss!

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