When Can I Release My Mallard Duck Into The Wild?


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You should wait until a Mallard duckling gets its flight feathers before your release it into the wild. This is so the duck can fend for itself before you release it.
Mallard ducks need to be able to ward off attackers and also manage to get their own food. Being able to fly away or towards something is essential for this.
When releasing the ducks you will have to take them somewhere that is appropriate for release such as a safe pond that offers them somewhere to hide after they have been released. You will be their parents but they will get used to where they are released and get used to other animals also.
Make sure to carry them inside a closed container so they can't see where they came from and won't be able to go home. If you also put food down when you release them you will hold their attention while you hide. It can be difficult for them to return to the wild if they don't have their parents so make sure they can't follow you. However, when there for a period, their instinct that has been honed over thousands of years will take over and they will be okay.
Make sure you have something to take your mind off them to go home to as it can be a heart wrenching experience.
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Your duck can safely be released into the wild at around 3 weeks old as long as there has been no human contact; I would recommend (personally) that you release as early as possible.

Ducklings are more than capable to survive on their own once they reach one month in age.

~~ **AbBy**
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You could find another mom duck and see if she would adopt it or just wait until it's 6 weeks old.

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