What Is Your Favourite Animal Name?


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I have several favourite animals.Here are some of my very favourites.

I like elephants because, although they are enormous, they are kind and don't hurt people.Also, they can live to be 80 years old, are very intelligent, and there's a rumour that an elephant never forgets.Elephants could tell us stories, if we spoke the same language.I bet they're just as intelligent as we are!

I like swans because they are beautiful and they can swim AND fly, which is a good trick.Swans are very beautiful creatures, and I have some friends who are swans.

I like ducks because they are funny and waddle around and say 'Quack'!, and also because they can swim and fly too.Ducks have good camouflage- if I could turn into an animal Id quite like to be a duck.

I like frogs because they can breathe in water and out of water, and because they are slimey and green.Green is my third favourite colour after blue and purple.

I like fish because they are amazing- they live in water all the time!They are such clever swimmers!And they have shiny scales.

I like gerbils because it is just so wonderful to give a gerbil a home and provide all his favourite things for him to play with and chew.I have two gerbils(brothers) and whenever I give them an especially nice treat I can see a look of happiness and gratitude in their eyes.

I like cats because they have such soft fur and play such good games, and it is fun to make them purr.I once knew a cat who was a very good friend to me.She purred a lot and was very friendly.

They are just my favourites, but all animals are wonderful.
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Not being rude but y did u leeve paragraphs bout each animal tht u like thx . Idk
Seffie Jones
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Dude, they ment what are ur favorite animal NAMES. Like... Abba, Bebe, Caitlin....
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I am tearing up....Bear and Nova. I miss my old pals...:(
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My favourite animal name? or the name of the animal? My cats name is Piwacket, her nickname is psycho for obvious reasons. A name of an animal, kookaburra, interesting, also known as the laughing jackass. A brown kingfisher of Australia that is about the size of a crow and has a call resembling loud laughter.
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My favourite animal, any day, any time, is the dog!
I absolutely love dogs, of any kind, any size, any variety, any colour.
I love them because they are so friendly, and they interact with human beings so well.
There is nothing in my book that is better than a dog waiting for you at home, expectantly!
When you open your door, your faithful dog is ready, with her tail wagging, and her mouth grinning widely, ready to welcome you with her hugs and kisses.
I tell you, it is a terrible feeling to walk into an empty house where there is no doggy to welcome you back after a long tired day.
I recently lost my dog to illness.
She was a dachshund, and she was thirteen years old.
She lived with our family for all of her thirteen years, and we all loved her every minute of the day and night.
I am sure I will never be able to replace this dog in my affections, but all the same, I love dogs.
They are my favourite animals.
Give me a dog any time, and I'll be happy!
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My favourite animal is the "Dove" .. I love her SO much !! Her voice is so sweet and kind in the morning as if she is trying to tell us to walk up.. She is also have wings and can fly when she feels upset with where she is !!! I love it so much :)
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Some of my favorites are :
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My favourite animals are:dogshamstersand birdsmy favourite names are Jacki holly and aj

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