What Is Your Favourite Horse Breed?


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Toni answered
I love Welch Ponies.  They are not as big as most breeds and not as small as a pony   They make great horses for women and teens.  I have a black arabina welch mare  She Gorgious
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paulette davis answered
The arabians are my favorite, their endurance can not be beat. And once they bond with you they want stop going until you ask them to. They are graceful and beautiful.and they are the best trail horse for any type of area you take them. When trained properly they can't be beat. For there stamina.
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It's Welsh. The Welsh ponies are so cute! I usually ride a gray Welsh during my riding lessons.
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skyler mcCoy answered

My favorite is the American Quarter Horse
File:Quarter Horse(REFON)-cleaned.jpg

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Naomi Post answered

I love Arabian horses. They have the prettiest faces, those big dark eyes and the apple shaped noses. They are very smart and most are very spirited.

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My Favourite Horse Breed is Andalusian. The colours I like in andalusian horses are bay,chestnut,black,grey,white ect. My most favourite colour for an andalusian horse is black.Have you seen the movie'The Good,The Bad And The Ugly'? The bad guy has a black andalusian horse which looks like Zorro's horse.I am going to buy andalusians,thoroughbreds,paints,pintos,friesians,gypsy vanners,shires,clydesdales and many others,not now. My father told me that I can buy horses when I grow up and become a man.
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Cindy answered
Tennessee walkers are the smoothest ride for galloping but the worst for just walking since they wiggle their back ends a lot.  But I love them!
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Lexi Edwards answered
Definetley a Friesian they are beautiful and despite their size they are nimble and smooth in every gait.
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erika glick answered
I really like big bulky drafts, like Haflingers, but I also like appaloosas as well cause they are so pretty.
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Friesian graceful but powerful and with those huge expressive eyes! That a horse who would take a bullet for you...
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Probably Quarter horses, we have a farm of them... Also I like All draft breeds, Belgians, Percherons, etc. We have quite a few of those too. I also like Appys, we have one and he is wonderful!!!
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I like the Appaloosa, it a kind of horse breed having colorful leopard-spotted coat pattern on his body. But these horse need a lots of caring.

Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
I have two (even over Arabians, even
though we have a pure-bred gelding
right now).



Note: Friesians are born black.  Any variations means
the horse is not a purebred.  It is my understanding
that many breeders refuse to breed a Friesian to a
grade horse.  They don't want to produce more crossbreeds.

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