What's Your Favourite Animal?


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Brooke Mundy answered
I love opossums!
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Seffie Jones
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I went camping in the Smokey Mountains, and I saw a poor, dead opossum lying dead by the side of the road! :(
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Gene wright answered
WHIPPETS (greyhound family, but smaller 25lbs)
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Michelle Phy
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Greyhounds & whippets are beautiful dogs. I used to legally race my greyhounds on the track in Oregon. Both their speeds are astounding! Most people think they are starving because of their sleek nature. If you can post one of your whippet i'd love to see it :)
Alisa   Zhao
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A 6-month-old downy puppy. I don't like big one!
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I love my dogs.
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I have had Dogs and Cats and I also had a ferret before and I really love it, but I guess my favorite animal will always be a blue great dane never have one and I live in a apartment so I'll keep dreaming lol. Next life maybe!!!!!
Moo C. Profile
Moo C. answered
In terms of ones which are extinct i'd choose the Pterodactyl
,but if you want ones that are alive i'd choose and ostrich (cuz i've always wanted to ride one)
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
On land, it's dogs,
cats and horses.
In the air, it's Harpy Eagle.
In freshwater, it's a veil-tailed,
solid white goldfish
and in saltwater,
it's the Pacific Manta Ray
and Octopus (the Blue-ringed
is the most pretty and the
most deadly).
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The Instigator answered
The Yete. They are very handsome and have beautiful hair. I just love animals with beautiful hair, even if it's not beautiful I love hair.  I pray every night for hair.
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Here's a photo of mine:

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tracy deines
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emma loveees youuu xo
Cool :)
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Yarnlady, my "friends" NEVER publicly criticize me; they privately do, via my e-mail address, which is a matter of public record on every website where I participate.

A harness was needed when riding the winged horse, because in those days (before the animal became extinct) the parachute had not been perfected.
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Mark Brookshire answered
Chicken - fried or baked...HaHaHa...
If you are referring pets. I would say dog is men best friend...
Fish are ok, but I hate most sea creatures - dolphin, seal, Penguin, walrus, sea turtle...
Any wild cat is cool to me...
I like the weird animals - Tasmania Devil, Scorpions, Hedgehog, and Ground Squirrel
I hate all snakes and mice / rats
Birds are great pets, but they can be nerve rattling sometimes, especially morning time...
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Mr. Adamo answered
Tiger/ Elephant/ White Horse or Black Stallion or Clydesdale Giant/ Zebra/ Owl/ Toucan/
Red or Green Parrot/ Cardinal/ Sparrow [what a showoff!]/ Eagle/ Crane/
Kitten/ English Setter Springer Spaniel/ Killer Whale/ Black Jaguar Panther/
Panda Bear/ Polar Bear/ Cheetah/ there are more for sure.. T
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Cheryl Regina Villanueva
Hi Tony...I don't know how to reply to your query so I've used this portion to get to you. The avatar is the ideal representation of me. It's the Amazona warrior and the wings you see on the head symbolize freedom of thoughts that may soar and transmit all over the entire Universe. The sword represents discipline and due punishment for wrongdoers. I am a warrior of peace! I exist and am real and obviously belong to this planet.

I've run over your page...you have great thoughts and I love them.

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