Where Are Crocodiles Born?


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The usual places where crocodiles come into existence is the mud near the water's edge of marshes, rivers, estuaries and lakes. In a more general scenario, crocodiles are found in the tropical areas of the world, where they hatch from eggs, which the mother crocodile had laid and buried. At one time, a female crocodile lays thirty to seventy eggs at one time, which it buries in holes in the warm and moist mud.

The size of a crocodile's egg resembles that of a goose's egg. These are hard-shelled, which are covered by vegetation, which when rots, provides as a supplement of the warmth of the sun. However after giving all these physical forms of protection, a mother crocodile also looks over her eggs personally until they hatch. When the eggs are about to hatch, the mother crocodile digs down to free the baby crocodile from the mud. At the time of birth, a baby crocodile is almost eight inches in length.

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