Where Does A Female Crocodile Lay Its Eggs And Where Does It Live In The Summer Season?


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A female crocodile lays her eggs in the sandbank of a river, and digs a big hole, which must be deep to protect the eggs being dug up by predators and eaten.
She digs the hole with her short legs it is a big task, she then lays a hundred eggs or more in a single sitting. This takes awhile, then she covers it over with the sand, and retreats to rest in the water.
When the baby crocodiles hatch (they have a special egg tooth on the snout to chip their way out of the egg) they must navigate the treacherous path to the water, the majority get eaten, by birds rodents, mongoose,cats and every type of predator.
Few survive, to adulthood, and the mother can be seen carrying the babies in her mouth, to the water, delicately between her teeth filled jaws.

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