My Dog Yelps When I Touch The Side Of His Face, And Around His Mouth. He Doesnt Come When I Call His Name Or Get Excited At All When I Try To Get Him In A Playful Mood. He Cant Seem To Get Comfortable When He Tries To Lay Down, And Ends Up Laying The?


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Please take your pooch to the vet...  Ours has neck pain right now, but I think it is from some rough play at this doggy day car.  It  seems to be getting better.  We recently found him eating rat poison left out accidently at someone else's  country home...  HE GOT TREATMENT and was fine, but all the reading that I did on the subject, at that time, makes me wonder if your poor pooch is maybe experience some issues from ingesting something like that...  Poison symptoms sometimes do not get noticed for days...  And treatment needs to be quick.  I feel for you.    GOOD LUCK!
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I have a 14 week old german sheperd doing the exact same thing. Did you find out what it was?

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