Can Indian Ring Neck Parrots Lay Eggs With Out A Mate?


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Yes they can. Mine just did early this morning. In the 10 plus or minus hours before it occurs,
the bird will do something where you think she is expelling gas. Nope. Actually, it is doing this sound to attract a male to fertilize
the egg it is about to lay. I wish I could include pics here but there isn't an ability to do this. This is the first time my ringneck has laid an egg
and I am learning about all of that stuff as much as possible. I am going to push the calcium and other leafy vegetables as we wish to avoid having her get egg binding. Also, I have moved her cage and will move it again in a few days. Also, I am going to rearrange the cage toys/ bowls so as to confuse her and keep her off kelter. Also, I have cut down on her seed and nuts that she is used to getting. Hope this all works as I am in addition to all that, limiting her daylight hours to around 10 and keeping it a bit cooler in the apt so that her body will conclude that winter is here. Good luck, hope this helped.

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