Can Koi Survive Being Frozen In A Pond


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Probably not, but it depends on the depth of the pond. If the water truly all freezes, then they will not likely survive. In harsh winter areas they need a pond at least 1.5 meters deep. They are a hardy fish, but their immune system will shutdown around 10 C. The important thing is that the pond have enough depth to avoid freezing solid.
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Yes cause only the top of the pond freezes koi will sink to the bottom when the top is frozen
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It is very unlikely to survive but  if the pond isn't deep  then they will have a little chance of living  

if your pond is frozen then put a crac in the pond and fish them out and put them in something large  .

Hope the koi stay alive .

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No they still need the oxygen we breath but they can't because the ice block's it out.

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