How Long Do Cardinal Birds Sit On Their Eggs Before They Hatch?


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Usually Cardinal birds sit on their eggs for between 12 and 15 days before they hatch. They will tend to nest in tight shrubbery areas or in dense vines. Cardinal birds are generally found in North America, although can be seen less frequently in South America. The male bird is a bright, fiery red color, with a small amount of black around the bill. The female birds, on the other hand, are pale brown with a slight overall reddish tint, with the same red bill and black surrounding as the male.

Many female songbirds in America actually sing however the female Cardinal bird does, more often so when she is sitting on her nest. This is generally to give the male information about bringing food to the nest or to warn there is danger near by.

Cardinal birds are well known for attacking their own reflection in windows and car mirrors; both male and female birds. This is mainly in the spring due to nesting, and they do so as they are very territorial and want to protect their area from other birds. Cardinal birds can spend hours fighting such reflections without giving up but this behavior should subside within a few weeks.

Cardinal birds can live up to about 15 or 16 years old in the wild. Their existence has become much easier with the introduction of more and more private home bird feeders. It is common to see these birds on bird feeders, and the ease of survival due to such feeders has increased their prevalence in America with them spreading even as far north as Canada.
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My understanding is 12 days. I have a nesting pair outside my window and I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival!!!

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