How Can I Tell What Sex My King Cobra Is?


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It's impossible to find out the sex of a king cobra just by looking - they're the same color, the same size, and they look identical.

How Can I Find Out The Sex Of My King Cobra?
Your best bet is to find a reptile vet and ask if they'll do it for you.

If there isn't one in your area, try calling the nearest zoo - they'll definitely know someone who can help.

The only noticeable differences between male and female king cobras is behavior - but if there isn't a brood of eggs to protect, or any other snakes to interact with, it'll be really difficult to observe them acting naturally.
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Kelly T answered
Your best bet is to take it to a reptile vet and have it checked out - the other ways are not exact, and aren't even accurate most of the time.

Hopefully, you'll have no problem finding one. If you have trouble, try your nearest zoo - they may be able to get you names of vets who would be willing to check.

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