The Female Of This Snake Species Builds Nests For Her Young Ones. Which Is This Snake?


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The female cobra is the only snake known to build nests for its eggs. Not only does she do this she also guards her nests zealously and will only leave it when she has to feed. The female cobra uses her body to scoop rotten leaves, tiny twigs and other forms of dried vegetation found on the forest bed to make a pile which has two sections. She then lays her eggs at the centre of the pile and covers it from the top as well to keep out predators like the monitor lizard, wild boars and mongoose from eating her eggs. Once she has completed her nest she perches either on the top of the pile or in the upper section.

A female cobra usually lays anything between 20 to 40 eggs and remains with her eggs till the entire period of incubation which is roughly about 60 to 85 days. What is worth really observing is the fact that, while the female cobra is so protective of her eggs, she will leave the nest as or just before the eggs hatch leaving the young hatchlings to fend for themselves. It's difficult to decide if she does this because it is what cobras do or because at the end of the day a cobra is a cannibal, it eats other snakes!
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Ordinary cobra or female cobra don't nest, it is a king cobra species that nest, it is also known that they only feed on other snake so their instinct told them to move away while their baby was nearly born, it is also because it fast for more than 2 months protecting their nest they are very hungry, for a snake eater, even if it is her own baby she may want to eat it.
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The female because only she makes the nest 4 her young.

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