How Long Do Headless Chickens Usually Run Around For - And What's The Record?


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It varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, but the record has been held since 1945 by a young Wyandotte rooster called Mike - who should have been Sunday dinner for farmer L. Olsen, of Fruita, Colorado..

His mother-in-law was particularly fond of fried chicken, especially the neck, so Olsen carefully wielded his axe to leave as much neck on Mike's body as possible.

After the chop, instead of keeling over, Mike fluffed up his feathers and went back to what he'd been doing before being so rudely interrupted.

Of course, he wasn't so good at preening and pecking any more, and as for crowing, well, that was more of a gurgle.

The following morning, Olsen started feeding Mike with an eyedropper, and the week after that, Mike and Olsen went to Salt Lake City, where scientists could take a look at him.

They came to the conclusion that Mike's brain stem was still intact, which was keeping him going.

In fact, it kept him going for another four and a half years.
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I've never actually had one 'run around' though they tend to flap and flop usually for just a minute or two, I tend to hold them by the feet at this time so they don't get filthy and bruised. I did have one ornery rooster try to peck me even without his head.

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