What Is A Female Swan Called?


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While the male is known as a cob, a female swan is known as a "pen". Their young, in turn, are referred to as "cygnets". An assemblage of cygnets or even the eggs are referred to as a "clutch". There is actually a distinction made between groups of swans you would find in the wild as opposed to those seen in captivity. While the former is known as a "herd", the latter are called a "fleet"

To a lay person, the male and female species might look very similar. However, looking closely you will find that males are bigger. There is also the knob you see at the foot of a swan's upper bill which is larger in the swan male species.

Even the neck of a male swan is seen to be thicker as compared to the female's neck.
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A female swan is called a PEN and a male swan is a COB. Their baby is called a CYGNET.
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A female swan is called a pen. Their chicks are called cygnets.
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They are called a PEN. I don't know why.
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