Is It A Proven Fact That Dogs Lick Your Face As A Sign Of Affection, Or Is That Just Something Somebody Made Up Because It's The Only Way A Dog Might Be Able To Kiss Its Owner?


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I'm not exactly sure. But my opinion is that they are showing affection. I have a Pitbull lab mix and I think of her as my baby. I love her to death. But she is so funny. She will never lick anyone anywhere besides the mouth. Well, unless they are cut or bruised. Hope this helped!
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Some are good answers, they do it for food, to show respect,clean ups.if you are the alfa male or female,, this is handed down from being wolf pack years ago,  Ive owned 3/4 wolf, full wolf,1/2 wolf and now pits& cockers all behave this way. If your not the alfa your just part of a pack -no respect-
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No one is exactly sure why dogs lick people's faces. There are a number of reason that dogs lick each other that may provide clues. Be prepared, some of these are a bit gross. When puppies are born, the mother licks them to clean them. She also licks them to help to stimulate them to eliminate waste. Some puppies lick their mother's lips in order to get her to regurgitate food for them. Dogs will lick other dogs as a social behavior. It may signify submission. It does seem to have an element of tenderness and closeness to it; dogs that are enemies don't usually lick one another. Dogs can also lick themselves for grooming and will sometimes do it when they are stressed.

With all these messages that are involved in licking, it's not easy to decide what your dog means when he licks your face. It may be simply to get a response. If you show him affection or act happy when he does this, then he'll likely do it again! If you get annoyed when he does it, your dog might enjoy that response as well! Since face licking can be a sign of submission amongst dogs, it could also signify his loyalty to you.
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I don't really know if they do it to show affection but in my opinion they do it to show affection because I love my dog to pieces and if I ask for a kiss he always licks my cheek. I hope that I helped!!!!!
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It is a proven scientific fact that dogs will only lick human faces because they are looking for traces of food

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