Can You Please Show Me Pictures Of Spider Bites?


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The best way to find pictures of spider bites is to use the search engine ‘’. At the top of the screen, there are options for what you would like to search, such as ‘Web,’ Images’, ‘Maps’, ‘Videos’ and ‘News’. Click on ‘Images’ and in the search box type ‘Spider Bites’. It should produce 744,000 results across 53 pages. The first few pages will be the most relevant. They may become irrelevant or simply pictures of the spiders, rather than the spider bites, as the pages go on. Beware that many of these photographs are extremely gruesome, so it is not recommended that anyone who is particularly squeamish or easily disturbed should view these photographs.

It is not recommended that you use these photographs as a way of identifying a spider bite. If you have been bitten by a spider, you should go to A&E immediately, as some spider bites are lethal and must be treated as soon as possible. Some spider bites may be lethal within minutes, so it is crucial that the patient has medical aid extremely quickly.
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If you are bitten by an spider or any other insect then apply twice a day an mild corticosteroid on the affected area for few days. Take anti allergy tablets. Also take anti inflammatory medicines to relieve redness and pain.
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I felt a sting like bite on my acal when cleaning back yard now it is red with black dot in it
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Red swollen hard center and hot
to the touch spider bite

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