How Do I Take Care Of A Hamster Baby?


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If you touch any of the babies the mother will sence the smell of a human and think that it's not hers so she EATS it!!!
I'm being very serious and I would never lie about anything like this!!
The mother is very capable of looking after babies.
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If you want to hold that baby hamster right when their born, believe me you can, as long as the mother knows you well enough she will not eat the babies. You just have to make sure she smells your hands before you pick up that babies, I should kmnow this because I take care of the babies.
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My dwarf recently had babies and rele their isn't anything for you to do.. Make sure daddy is gone.. But other than that momma will take care of them.. Make sure you don't touch them for two weeks tho..
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My siberian hamster just had babies today, and we separated the male hamster because he was trying to eat the 8 babies, we had a plan, my hamster cage is too tiny for ten hamsters , and we did'nt disturb it but I read something in  a book named "how to take care baby hamsters"  yeah, you should not disturb the cage in 3 weeks from birth, you  should only go near the cage  to put plenty of water and food because the mother needs it, and to separate the father from the babies and the mother , the mother will handle it and 3 weeks from their birth the baby hamsters will start winning and that's the sign to clean the cage...
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My hamster is currently pregnant. What do i need to feed her!?!?!? Her cage stinks but shes all ready stored food andmade a nest do i need to clean it!?!?!?!?
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Like a cat or dog (mostly cats ) you should not interupt the bonding between a mother hamster and her babies if your freind scomes over and asks to hold it and does the mother will think the baby is not hers and wil either attchk it or eat you.. You should let nature run its course and let the moma take care of her babies. Would you want someone to look after your newborn baby for you?
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We had dwarf hamster babies and this website was very helpful

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