What Is Rash Under Dog's Legs, Itchy, Lethargic?


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My dog has a rash in between his legs red sore its a male dog
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The rash could be from licking and chewing. Observe your dogs activities. It could also be from dog shampoo. Check for other spots on your dog. Check for flea's. Your vet will ask you these same questions.
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Rash around a dogs eyes
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However your vet tells you to once they've figured out what the cause is.
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Your dog needs physical examination to diagnose about rash on back legs. There are many possible reasons of red rash in your dog. Some common causes can be
  1. Allergy to foods
  2. Allergy to chemicals
  3. Allergy to medicines
  4. Insect bite
Use of topical corticosteroids and oral anti allergy are recommended but I will not recommend to use these medicines without consulting a vet. So, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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Rash in dogs requires physical examination to diagnose properly. Legs are not only areas that are affected but other parts of the body can also get rash. Many factors can cause rash in dogs that should be investigated and treated by vets. Common causes of rash in dogs are
  1. Allergic reaction due to medicine
  2. Insect bite
  3. Food allergy
  4. Chemical allergy
  5. Allergy to pollens
  6. Scabies
  7. Fleas
  8. Lice
  9. Scabies
  10. Ringworm
  11. Hormonal imbalances
Treatment of rash depends upon underlying cause. So, if you dog has rash due to any reason, take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment.

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