How Do You Care For A Baby Robins Egg?


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You should never ever touch the egg . The bird will leave it and the egg will rot. But if you do pick it up because it's in a very unsafe place for her to come retrieve it. Then use items like leaves or grass things like that . If she smells your scent she won't come back for the egg. Now if you've picked it up already and touched it already then place the egg in a small box. With cotton or leaves something that holds in warmth. Then place a lamp light near the egg keeping the egg cover with something though that way the light doesn't keep the egg lite up all the time, but still keeps warmth going on the egg. Soon that egg will start to form. Ohh and be prepared if a warden find out you have done this and not turned it in they will fine you for it. I know they did it to me.
But I did it to a duck egg. So lol
an alligator egg should never be touched and should never be turned. Thats just a tip there. XP not like you would want to get near an alligator nest. Lol

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There are many ways to care for a robin's egg..... Or 2...... Or 3.
Anyway, I put mine in a homemade nest. But Patty B is right; you shouldn't touch an egg. But the one I have was abandoned by both parents 'cause my neighbor tried to steal them.
Their names are rocky, felix, and molly.

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