What Is The Habitat Of A Clam?


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Clams live in saltwater,in a sand & mud & shelly bottom areas of the creeks and rivers, the small clams get caught in the shells and they dig themselves below the surface by using their foot and the natural rise and fall of the tides, you can also find some clams around the beaches. There is also a variety of freshwater clams, which mostly lay on the bottom surface.
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Clams have two-part shells and are usually found either in their marine habitat or in freshwater sources like rivers. There are different species of clams called Ark Clam (found mostly in the Caribbean), Hard Clam or Northern Quahog (found mostly on the eastern shores of North America, from Nova Scotia to the Yucatan Peninsula), Soft Clam (found mostly on the coast of New England), Surf Clam (found mostly in Hokkaido, northern Japan and off Long Island), Ocean Quahog, Pacific Razor Clam (found mostly along the Pacific West Coast, from Eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska to Pismo Beach, California), Giant Clam (found mostly in the coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans), Asian or Asiatic Clam, Peppery Furrow Shell (found mostly in the muddy sea coasts and estuaries in northern Europe, the Mediterranean and west Africa), Pismo Clam (found mostly in the city of Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo County, in California, the United States), Geoduck Clam (found mostly along the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada, primarily Washington, British Columbia and southeast Alaska) and Atlantic Jackknife Clam (found mostly in the area between Cape Cod and Florida).
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There is several different type of clams, there are clams that can be up to six feat in diameter and wiegh over 400 pounds. I have been researching clams, and notices theres a different specie which grows with a worm-like creature which lives within it and feeds from the proteins provided from the clam. Going back to the other clam which is a lot more common, It only has one time to choose were to stay. When its at an early age, the water current may drop the clam ontop of a water rock inside the ocean, the clam has too choose wizely if it wants to stay there forever,

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