Can Black Panthers Live In Oklahoma?


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I saw a black panther in Noel missouri this last weekend. I woke up to a loud sniffing sound, rolled over to see what it was. I heard it move thru the brush about 10 ft up an embankment and waited to see if I could see what it was. I then saw a shadow, completely black and as it walked on the road I could see it from a light over a bathroom. It was a large black cat about 3 ft tall to its back and as long or longer than a pic-nic table. I grabbed the flashlight beside me and shined it on it. It turned around and looked back at my flashlight. I sat there for a few seconds, then really felt scared with it just looking back at my light so I turned it off, grabbed the grand kid and went to sleep at the other side. I was spooked and couldn't sleep till dawn. When I turned the light off it turned back around and walked on up the road out of sight. That is when I grabbed the kid and woke up grandpa and the others to be careful.
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Yes, we have a couple in Ireland and UK which were set free or escaped.

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