How Do You Train A Dog To Sniff Out Drugs?


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Working Dogs that are used in crime prevention, as sniffer dogs, develop a tight and loyal relationship with their owner, handler, from a puppy. The drug means nothing, the dog is driven by an enormous desire to please its owner, or its pack leader, as the dog sees it.
So as a puppy when he is trained to associate that smell with his toy, which is his reward, he will work to please his leader,
and then the sign that he has pleased his owner and reached his goal, is that the owner will make a big fuss of him
and give him his reward, his toy.
Children can sometimes have this great desire for love, and do anything to get it, but are more easily put off and discouraged from their goal,
A dogs determination and loyalty are unmatched, and these points are further emphasised in a working dog.

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