Hello. My cat gave birth today in the morning, but she only had 1. Is that fine or not. Please help?


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Maybe she just needs some extra coaxing ! If not, call your Vet when you can !

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Angela Anthony
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Love that pic! Dogs rule! ;)
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LOL parrots and cats have interesting interactions as well. My cat use to scare my one dog and the other dog would scare away the cat from bullying her. It was slightly funny, cat standing at the steps and cookie wouldnt go past. Of course I felt sorry for her though. I cant place blame, I react the same way when I see centipedes or certain insects.
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It's not usual so if she looks as though she's straining or you can still feel her tummy is lumpy then get her to the vet ASAP.  She could have more kittens in there and after this I hope you'll get her spayed.

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