My Cat Started Dragging Her Butt Across The Carpet For A Few Feet Only Once A Day. I've Dewormed Her, Yet She Continues To Do This. Is This Just A Behavior Of Sorts Or Does She Have A Medical Problem? Other Than That, She's Fine.


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Jessica Smith answered
Scooting is generally a sign of worms or impacted anal glands.  The Anal glands are situated either side of the anus.  They normally secrete a strong foul smelling liquid onto the faeces but they can become impacted and painful.  Your vet can examine your cat and tell you immediately if this is the problem.  They can usually be manually expressed without much difficulty.
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Dragging the rump like that doesn't always mean that there are worms, there are sometimes swollen glands that they get anally and there is medicine for that, call your vet and see if you can't get him seen for it. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the kitty.
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Miranda Sareen answered
Maybe theres something on her back or something and its itches her so shes doing that.

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