What's the name of the first pet you ever had?


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We had a German Shepherd when I was about three. I remember the dog but don't recall his name. The Scotch Terrier in the photograph was named Sally. The pic was taken about seven years later, after the war, Black and white -- colour was only just making its way onto the market then, about the same time as ball point pens.

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We had a German Shepherd we named, Shep! I know, a very original name. :P

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My parents had a Basset Hound when I was born. His name was Jacko, which was short for Jack Daniels. I barely remember him, but what I do remember was nothing but love.

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Marty. A dachshund mix.

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Well I don't know if she was actually "my" pet, or if I more belonged to her...but she was a black cocker spaniel, very elegant, and her name was Lady.

She was already in the family when I was born, and she rather helped raise me, she was quite protective and when she thought I was getting out of line I definitely felt I had to mind her...

Then I remember she had puppies, and she treated me much like her own babies...

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Virginia, how nice to see you here. I've been away for a long time. I was hoping you were still here.
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Where were you, RK, and now you are back, if I may ask where you have been to be gone so long?
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my first pet was cat .name - Black Meyawoo

now i have 8 adult cats and 4 new  kitten

1. Meyawoo

2.little Meyawoo

3.white bell

4.Black bell

5.Puss ma

6. Tigress

7. Theru (street) 

8. White

4 kitten just a week older have to find some name

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His name was "Snail"...guess what he was? When we were young my sister and I kept snails and fed them leaves, they liked rhubarb the most because that's where we'd found them in the garden,  but my mum said it was cruel and told us to release them.

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It's Bubu Chacha. It's a story of a dog who save his owner from car accident. Then, his spirit got into the particular toy car which the baby boy used to ride on it.

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