Where Are Scorpions Found?


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Scorpions are creatures closely related to spiders, belonging to the class Arachnida which also includes ticks and mites, distinguished by their large pincers and a long and curled tail ending in a venomous sting.

Scorpions are highly adaptable and found virtually all over the world except in places which are extremely cold like in the polar and sub-polar regions. They can exist in rain forests, deserts, coastal areas, hilly regions as well as urban environments living in crevices, burrows and under rocks and logs; Scorpions are nocturnal creatures and are active at night time when they leave their habitat to hunt.

Some of the places where they exist are Australia, North and South America, throughout much of Africa, in West Asia and India and parts of Europe especially in the south.

Scorpions, contrary to their forbidding appearance are harmless creatures if left alone and it is only when the scorpion is provoked that it actually sting; even then the sting of a scorpion is rarely fatal though it can be extremely painful requiring medical attention in most cases. Most scorpions are small in size (about 5 cm) though larger scorpions can measure 15 cm in length and are coal black to golden in colour.
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All over the United States like in Arizona, California, Utah and more. They are in Asia, India, North America, South America and Europe in the south!

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