Where Are Jaguars Found?


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Jaguars were once found throughout South America and in the southern parts of North America, but are now largely confined to the northern and central parts of South America. The greatest concentration of the animals exists in the Amazon rain forest.
They are versatile creatures, and can adapt to a variety of environments, but are most at home in tropical and sub-tropical forest habitats.
They are carnivorous predators and can subsist on a variety of meat types, ranging from deer, to fish, and even insects.
There are now believed to be only around fifteen thousand jaguars in existence and they are classified as an endangered species. Their numbers have contracted sharply in recent decades because of man's growing encroachment on their natural habitats. Farmers have traditionally killed jaguars because of the menace they present to livestock and hunters have targeted them for their fur. In an attempt to preserve the species, hunting bans have been instituted in most countries where the animals live, and many other countries have banned the import of jaguar fur.

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