Here's the question that seems to cause disagreement on a lot of sites. What is the fastest bird in level flight, the fastest animal across the ground, the fastest swimmer in the sea?


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Oooo....oooo pick me! Is the bird the albatross? Land animal the cheetah? Sea...dolphin or marlin or sailfish?

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Citing the peregrine falcon as the fastest-flying bird, The Guinness Book of Records says that it “reaches record speed levels when swooping from great heights during territorial displays, or when catching prey in midair.” This bird has reached a speed of 217 miles per hour [349 km/hr] at a 45-degree angle of descent!

The cheetah truly can run like the wind. Incredibly, it can accelerate from a dead stop to about 40 miles per hour [65 kph] in only two seconds! It can attain speeds of up to 70 miles per hour [110 kph]! It is the fastest animal on land.

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AnnNettie Paradise
Go figure! Maybe the cheetah lost its appetite. :) It's still the most fastest creature God has ever made!
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Assuming that some higher being made the current cheetah, it seems that (s)he may have made a faster one in the past. Take a look at miracinonyx. (And it may be that there was an even faster cat than that in the past.)
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Can you cite that speed in a 45 degree descent for a peregrine falcon? I've searched everywhere for "original" verification for that, and the only verifiable speed evidence I can find all refers to a vertical dive (known as a "stoop" this side of the Atlantic).

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