My question is this. I heard that some people use other types of dogs, sometimes smaller or weaker breeds to train pit bulls how to fight? Is this true?


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Yes, unfortunately this is true. These dogs are bait dogs and can be stolen, picked up at free give aways or pit bulls that do not want to fight. They, if small are just thrown into a pack of pit bulls. If larger, they can have their muzzels taped shut or their teeth filed/broken off.

It is also fortunate that I do not rule the world as anyone convicted of this crime ( it is a crime ) would be put to death.

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Vick is just the tip of the iceberg here. In every state dog fighting seems to be a problem. It exists in two levels; the " professional " sporting dog fighter and the street thug. The " professionals " even have magazines ( underground ) that circulate and their fighting meets are well attended plus lucrative.

You might have read about the dog disappearances in Arizona. 
There hundreds of dogs disappeared and many bodies were later found in the desert showing signs of myriad bites and rendering by teeth. It happened where I live too and just recently. More people, denser areas and more dog fights. Only long, felony penalties will stop this barbarity. As is, dog fighters get off too easily.
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That they do ! I agree ! Barbaric !
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That's disturbing on any level....I knew about the "thug" types as you see them walking everywhere with the pit bull breeds, but to know it's actually done on a "professional" level just peeves me. Sick, sick, sick individuals. Grrrrrrr indeed.

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