How Are Plants And Animals Classified?


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All types of plants and animals are classified according to a system. First comes the Species. This is the basic grouping of the type of plant or animal – a broad category into which the subject fits. Variations are apparent between Species members. It is a biological classification. The organisms have a wide number of similarities and are capable of breeding to produce fertile young.
The Genus is a category of biological classification in which the members show similarities but the different sub groups within are unable to interbreed successfully.
All species are named according to a binomial system devised in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus. In this system the Genus is written first with a capital letter and then followed by the species with a small letter. Hence Homo – genus; sapiens – species. Homo means man and sapiens, modern.
Linnaeus grouped all the genera (plural of genus) into larger and larger groups. In order from great to small they are: Kingdom, Phylum (animals) Divisions (plants), Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

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