How Long Is The Female Black Panther Pregnant For?


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Black panthers are actually leopards or jaguars with a genetic pigment mutation - essentially, they’re the opposite of albinos!

How Long Are Black Panthers Pregnant For?
Since the black panther isn’t a species in its own right, there’s nothing different about the length of its pregnancies, either.

Just like normal leopards and jaguars, female panthers are pregnant for around one hundred days.

How Many Babies Do Black Panthers Have?
Although leopards and jaguars give birth to two or three cubs at a time, the litter size is slightly less for black panthers. However, this is probably because of the conditions that they’re kept in at zoos, rather than because of any genetic reason.

Which Black Panthers Are The Most Common?
It’s hard to say, really, but the ones in captivity are almost always black leopards. They’re quite often interbred so that they’ll produce more black leopards - as it’s easier for zookeepers to do this than it is to find black panthers in the wild!
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The gestation period for the black panther is 90-105 days. The female gives birth to 2-3 cubs that stay with their mother for 2 years.

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