How Does Horses Protect Itself Against His Enemies?


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A horse protects itself from its enemies by kicking out with their back legs and they rear up on the back legs and flail out their front hooves to try and kick the predator. They are very fast animals, they are called Flight and Fight animals, as they will either stay and fight their predators or they will flee and run away if they are scared or if they have foals or if they are unable to fight. :)
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No one has ever told you not to stand behind a horse? Ohhhh you must be a city dweller. Well like small children they bite, kick and can also trample you. Horses often show thier peeved by laying their ears backward flat against thier head. They can use thier back legs to kick you but can also rear up on thier hindlegs and strike you with thier front ones. Biting is painful but not always harmful. Oh and by the way a horse's kick with the back leg is less damaging at close range. So the closer your standing to the back of the horse when it kicks the less damage you'll take.
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It protects itself by winnying and bucking and kicking out his hind legs

hope this helps :)

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