I Would Like To Know How "White Tiger" Is Translated In Japanese?


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Well there a number of online web-pages which offer translation along with their exact meaning, plus they also illustrate how it is written.

White tigers basically are mixed Bengal/Amur lineage that have pink noses, along with white crème coloured fur and black, grey coloured stripes. The colour of their eyes is usually blue, but can be green or amber at times. There are quiet a few captivated tigers all across the world. Due to their striking colour they have become quiet an attraction in zoos. As believed white tigers are not an individual species.

The white colour caused because of a recessive gene. The gene for white colouration is generally linked to the white Bengal tiger. The Orissa white tigers are well known all across the globe.
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白虎 - white tiger
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In Japanese the Literal translation is Shiro Tora. I do believe it is normally pronounced how ever Tora Shiro. Tora being Tiger and Shiro being White.
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To tell you the truth no one knows it was all just a lie there is no such thing as that and I study them so there you go

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The white tiger is actually the name of one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is at times referred to as the White Tiger of the West and it symbolizes the west as well as the autumn.

The Chinese constellations were made use of by most of the Chinese cartographers. However, they were also used to a large extent by Japanese as well as Korean cartographers. The White Tiger is referred to as 'Byakko' in Japanese, and can be found in a number of Japanese animated videos and comic books.

While the Han Dynasty was reigning, Chinese people thought of the tiger as the king of all animals. According to a folk legend, when a tiger achieved the age of five hundred years, the colour of its tail would become white. Thus, the white tiger developed into some sort of mythological creature.

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