What Pet Is Better Puppies Or Kittens?


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Rachel Bourg answered
KITTENS,and its not that i even like cats its from exspiriance there easier to maintain there idependant,and they know almost from the start what a litter box is,puppies are very diffucult to potty train mine a year old and he still has his days.its all based on your dedication ,time,and conveinance
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Maxine Chan answered
Kittens are so cute:)
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Alissa Dryer answered
I personily say get a kitten cuz they are cute funny enteraining and simpely loveable! They get these very funny faces when something supriesing like when they sneez, its really funny.
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Richard Scott answered
Kittens just edge it for me.
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Ang Self answered

I love kittens, I have two cats, Sebastian, my baby & Dale, my black cat. I love my babies!

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I think it depends if you want a calm animal or something to play with! Puppies are always so full of energy. But kittens are perfect for a nap animal! Puppies also take alot more work!
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Lauren Jeans
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I dissagree they can be the same as a kitten each animal has there own personality and actually they take the same amount of work
hannah wintergerst
Well, I have never had difficulty with any of my cats, but ok.
Ang Self
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me too Hannah
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Maddie answered
Well, puppies are trouble and like ruin everything about the whole house but become the most loyal creature ever, and kittens are sooooo cute and adorable and make your life better and then (sometimes) end up being selfish fat old cats who scratch you. Your pick, depending on the beginning and result.
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It depends on how active you are because even though im not that active i own three dogs but with them all been either a cross chihuahua or a chihuahua then they are as easy as a cat to look after because they all use a litter tray they lie on your lap and unlike cats they dnt bring dead animals to your door lol, there food isnt dear and they Bearley eat much ether , small dogs arnt as prone to problems like big dogs and even though cats are lush they will hurt  when they claw you lol, i own a cat 2 but i find it so much easier with my dogs because i dnt have them crying at my front door at 2am x
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Lauren Jeans
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Oh and my dogs havent destroyed anything and i havent needed to train them 3 male dogs and cats claw walls stars rails etc.. And pups will probly hold your finger in there mouth but i can promise i wnt hurt i have 3 and i have had no bother , if you want a big dog then u will need 2 be quite active as most little dogs get all there exerise done just running around the house/apartment x pls answer my question...http://www.blurtit.com/q2231848.html

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