Do chickens have feelings like cats, dogs, and people? can they get depressed or be happy?


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Absolutely! I used to raise chickens and each has their own personality and as Echooos stated if a hen is stressed she will quit laying eggs.

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I think they do .... I remember being really little and a family moving in next door to us.... In the burbs :) ..they slaughtered chickens in their back yard... I used to sit under our picnic table and watch them do it  through our chain link fence and cry ... The smell was awefull ..I forget the question but I remember the smell then.

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Sure they can.

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I would suppose so. As a matter of fact, I read that researchers have identified 11 different sounds, or calls, by which a hen and her chick embryo communicate. This interaction takes place during the two days before the chick hatches. As an example, a “distress call” from the embryo elicits a “cluck” from the hen, apparently reassuring the embryo. It was found that such interaction made a significant difference after the chick was hatched, because chicks that had been incubated in a mechanical brooder were more confused and did not respond as well to their new environment.

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I can imagine they feel sad or depressed.  Happy I'm not so sure, unless you define "happy" as just being completely satisfied in the moment with just being all the chicken you can be. 

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Definitely, chickens do. They get stressed or happy for a certain reasons that animals could feel. All livings things exist with emotions and feelings. You could actually determine it with their actions and mood.

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