Have You Ever Had A Turtle As A Pet?


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Gary Weiss answered
As a kid, yet, a common "garden variety" turtle. He (she?) died, Mom flushed him down the commode. I still cringe, half a century later, at the memory of the little bod going down . . .
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Cara B
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Awww.... That's sad. We had several box turtles over the summer but they kept getting away. We would rescue them from the side of the road before they got hit. I had a tiny one as a kid, still don;t know what happened to it, I think my evil step mom had something to do with it's disappearance. But I love the little guy I have now. He is sooo cute! Lol!
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Yeah as a kid, but it was one we nurtured back to health and then released it back where it belonged.
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No, but I had two hermit crabs that stayed in the bath tub.

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