Would You Ever Be Interested In Having A Pet Robot Or Virtual Pet?


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Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
No, i love having the real thing work & all.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Most definitely. I'd rather a pet robot than a virtual pet. It'd be many years before that can happen.  Someday, one may be able to have a robot pet that can be just as good as a real pet.
John Profile
John answered
Waste of time money and effort.in other words i would not have one.i would rather have the real deal if i wanted to take care of one.now if you/others would want to use these as a test for possible future owners of the real deal then that would be great.then it would prevent animals being used or abused when the electronic pet starved to death or bit someone and the electronic owner was fined or taken to electronic court to show them real life happenstances of owning a real animal when and if they escape/run away and harm someone else or some other animal.then it mite be worth having a electronic pet.then they could have virtual vet visits and virtual vet bills for the animal.in other words if the electronic pet and the owner were held to the reality of owning a real pet then it would be worth it in the long run.even having virtual surgeries for the pet like to spay and neuter before being able to even buy the electronic pet in the first place. And having time and a place to give the animal it's pill,shot,medicine or to change bandages.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
I don't know a thing about the keeping and care of a robot
and at what they cost nowadays...well, if I had that much money
laying around, I wouldn't use it to buy or maintain a robot.
I can rattle off about twenty other things I could use it for
and not even have to think about it.
As for pets, I like the warm fuzzy ones that try to burrow
under my pillow and grouse like an old man when I turn off his
doggy bed (heater) and pick it up for the night.  It's amazing
how much of the bed 2 Chihuahuas and a Pug take up.
And that's not counting the cats (5).  No virtual pet could
be any sort  of real bed-hog.
The Instigator Profile
The Instigator answered
Funny, I already have one it's name is NAMOW. It's extremely easy to use and is most helpful to me performing routine and sometimes complex tasks.  All i do is push it to awake it, slip one slice of toast in its food receptacle, pour one 8 ounce beaker of coffee in its fuel chamber, Put two $10.00 bills in its accessory pocket and it runs for 8 hours without recharging. It's taken in every three months for a diagnostic check and repairs if necessary. I got a good model, but you must be careful, some are lemons and no matter what you do for them they will not perform. Don't spend too much on them and they will eventually break down and return to the home to their creators.
William Vanderberg Profile
Not really
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
It Would Have To Give Me Back Massages. Drive My Car And Fly Me To Vegas Baby.. AS Well As Do My Laundry. It Would Have To Be Purple Of Course And Run On Purple Bio fuels.
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Not all all.....I need a good heart beat and a nice warm pet who loves me unconditionally...no fake stuff here.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
No thanks, just another device to break down. And at least with the real pets they never need rebooting and they can really only "crash" once.
Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
Nahh...not me. Like real pets, if I ever have one again...And no interest in a robot as a pet. Tho I wouldn't mind getting a Roomba to do some cleaning for me.
Jeannie Profile
Jeannie answered
Actually yes, in a small living space, a robot pet would be perfect if they are shaped like a pet and covered with soft material, for example, that pet dinosaur that was created a while ago by someone in the UK. This particular one responds to affection because of its sensors and is actually quite cute. I agree that nothing can replace the real thing, but sometimes life's circumstances don't allow for the real thing, so why not try the next best thing?
William Harkin Profile
William Harkin answered
Hi Keith,sorry i'm a bit tardy with the answer,but i put my e mail in a folder and forgot them!!
No.I have a dog,and he would be very put out if i had a virtual dog.He's a jealous old thing.As for the robot, i've a wife
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I don't think I would consider a robot or a virtual anything a pet.  I think I would have to have something that lives and breathes and can return love.  A robot or virtual pet would only do what you tell it to.  It wouldn't actually be loving you,  it would be programed to try to imitate real affection, I don't think that could happen.
yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
Yes, in addition to my real pets, it might be fun to have an artificial pet also.
Amanda Appreku Profile
Amanda Appreku answered
A robot pet. Real pets are wonderful. You can cuddle them. My pets seem to run away or die on me or I have to leave them behind in all the countries I travell to or I have to give them as presents and they die with th owner or the goldfish jumps out the bowl and dies or I am just plain scared of them or they don't remember me adter I have been in a country for very long or I form a strong bond with one of them, leave it in Ghana and find out that during construction a broken wall my dog Clifford, yes that is his nme, ran away and is probably being used for kebab barbecue though I hope not OR I get a new dog and name it Bravy just like the other one that I left in Brazil, the one that was very cute but I got scared of of it as it grew cause I was a kid. And It is the only pet I have nopw though not currently with me. Do I have bad luck or what? And it is not even that I am a bad owner cause I love my pets to death...now my mom is thinking of a turtle...Look out mom. My grandmother just got a kitten she'd better look out too. Maybe pets hate me.

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