What Is The Difference Between A Rat And A Mouse?


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Well a rat has fur on its tail and a mouse doesn't. Also a rat is alot bigger.
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A mouse (not including the tail) is about the length of an orange (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, I don't really know) while a rat (not including the tail) is about the length of a cucumber. Mice have rounder bodies while rats are only slightly fatter (I mean, they are bigger) and a lot longer.
Eyes are the same.
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A rat is bigger, carries more diseases and will eat anything. They are also very dirty. Mouses are the opposite =]
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Only feral rats that live on the streets are like that. Pet rats are the same as mice except not as timid or frisky. (and not as big)
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A rat is much bigger red eyes sometimes it is a lot bigger than a mouse and a rat has fur on his tail a mouse is tinyer and tail no fur
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Rat is a lot bigger thana mouse and it has fur in its tail.Mouse are small one and easy to keep as a pet.Rat mainly carry diseases.
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Rats are very dirty , they carry alot of diseases , and they are slightly larger than mice. Mice are small and puny , and very hyper.
P.S. Rats have longer legs , and their long tails are covered in fur. Mice don't have these features.

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