Does Barney Frank Sound More Like Sylvester The Cat Or Elmer Fudd?


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I second the motion on sylvester the cat...
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Steven Vakula answered
I was thinking Professor Peabody and his Way, Way back Machine.
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Sounds and thinks like Elmer Fudd.
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I haven't heard him speak, but I hope he doesn't sound like Barney the dinosaur!  That Barney gives

Purple a bad image!

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Is that the ugly guy with the glasses, and the super curly hair? I am not sure, but I will have to go with the majority of the people here. Lol
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Don't attach my fav cartoon's to such people....change the name to "Ima-Liar Dudd" and "Sleezester the cat" or something more dastardly!!  LOL!!  
However, it is a tough comparison.  "Sywvester......the handwing of money is a gweat wesponsibiwity." and "Sufferin' Succotash!"
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Sorry for the confusion.....I forgot to log this answer may appear again as "guest". I don't understand why I'm not automatically logged in when I click on the question from my email alert from Blurt-it saying "Bickle wants to share a question with you." How'd they know to send it to me if I'm not on Bickle's "friend" list? All other links I click on log me in automatically. ANYWAY.....again, sorry for the confusion. Janes
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Some times when I talk to myself. I talk in a voice like the Dad in King of The Hill. He is a nice person.

Lol :^)

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