Does anybody understand the cat in the box theory..and can you pls explain it...? 8)


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Lol - you've been watching the Big Bang Theory comedy show when Penny wanted to know if she should go out on a date with Leonard!

Sheldon explains it as Schrodinger's Cat Theory - where a cat is locked inside a cardboard box with a small piece poisoned food for a short time.You don't know if the cat is dead from eating this or still alive inside the box.And the only way to find out, is to open up the box.It's a clever way of saying "You won't know til you find out" - hence Sheldon giving Penny the advice about her date.
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..haha noo actually im reading a book names "Vernon God Little" he's a boy my age being accused of a murder he didnt commit.
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Ty !
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You are probably talking about Schroedingers cat. This is actually more of a philosophical exercise than an actual physical idea. It basically boils down to "A random event  might cause the death of a cat in a box" Until you open the box, you have to consider the cat to be both dead and alive at the same time. There are a large number of explanations out on the web.

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