My 8 week puppy is being treated for parvo what are the chances he will survive? Anyone been in this situation?


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This disease/illness is common in little puppies , but I don't see why your puppie couldnt survive , it takes about 4-6 days to see if your puppy will survive or pass away , you have to tryand force feed the puppie water and food on the second day , the point of no return generally shows when the pup has a blank stare , aswell when you pick them up and talk to them and they just remain limp , and just stare into the distance , they may respond to you a little but not much , when you try giving the puppie water (to keep it hydrated) a turkey baster is helpful but it will probably just pour out of the side of the mouth and this generally means they arent coming back .
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On 11/18/2011 my chihuahua, three days shy of 4mos, became lethargic, 1 episode of vomiting and 1 episode of diarrhea.  She did drink water and held it down but refused to eat.  Monday, the 21st, I took Pandora to the vet and to my horror diagnosed with parvo.  I chose to have her IV was started and LR (saline with electrolytes such as glucose (sugar) potassium and other goodies) was admin.  She recieved antibiotics and medication for nausea.  She spent 5 days in the hospital and on Friday discharged to my care.  I bought pedialyte and gave her 2cc every two hours along with making her food soupy to syringe feed her 2cc every two hours plus oral antibiotics, probonic pills and gel and pepcid.  Since she had been home no vomiting, but gaged, which is ok, no diarrhea.  I also bought her chicken and rice baby food and turkey gravy since its very easy to lick but no luck.  I had to syringe feed her.  Saturday night, just her head was shaking, like a seizure, I quickly gave her sugar because chihuahuas are prone to hypoglycemia (low sugar in the blood) and continued to shun her food and water.  That night (last nite 11/26/11) when I went to bed I truly expected to loose my dog.  At 0300, Sunday, I awoke for human bathroom time and checked on her.  To my surprise she was standing up and wagging her tail.  Why, I don't know, I decided to offer her the chicken and rice baby food but I did and she licked it!  This is my puppy's turning point!  I feed her shaved slices of turkey, chicken and ham every two hours and she goobled it up without vomiting.  She drank water on her own!  She did had one large episode of diarrhea but within a 48hr period that is awesome!  So they can survive.  Here are some other things I did as well.Get your puppy vaccinated...I did not do in a timely manner!  The puppy is paying the price!If you can afford hospitalization your looking 3-5 days.  I paid 1277.76 which included the stay, IV fluids, cath for urinating, care of Pandora, food, bath, antibiotics, nausea medication, lab work, albumin treatment and vaccinations to be admin in two weeks.Home care: Follow vets instructionsAntibiotic admin twice a dayPepcid three times a dayprobonic pill once dailyprobonic gell three times a daysyringe feed Pandora every 2hrssyringe drink Pandora with pedialyte every 2hrsI allowed her to do want she felt she could...sit up, walk, drink or eat.I held her, sang to her, prayed over her medication, food, drink and body.  I told parvo it wasn't welcomed in my home or dog and to get the hell out!I told nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, depression the same thing too!When she gaged, no matter where she was...even on my pretty carpet I pet her and let her gag.  Although, I admit I was like my head.when see had diarrhea, thankfully on my none carpet flloor...I told her its okay baby and hugged and kissed her afterwards.  She still is in recovery but eating, drinking and with a tad bit of energy.  I hope this helps and I hope your dog recovers.
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I need to need to bleach everything! You can bleach every thing...4ounces to one gallon of water. This includes your yard, furniture, clothes, dogs bedding blanket...I threw out the toys....I literally mean EVERYTHING.

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