Should Exotic Animals Be Legal?


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Scott Urnikis answered
Yes they should remain legal .Every time something is banned it is taking a freedom away from somone else . The term exotic is broad. A better solution would be to regulate the housing and care requirements  of certain species which is already being done in most states. Depending on the species some animals require a USDA permit with regular inspections , others an aquarium and a heat rock
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Willard NOYB answered
Not to be kept as pets because there is too much chance of them getting lose to hurt someone or possibly mix with the indigenous animals causing many problems.
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KR- myopinions answered
For me that's a catch 22. It would also depend on what is being considered an 'exotic' animal. Most people are not capable (not understand the difficulties or basics) of keeping most exotics properly both from a basic care standpoint and a handling standpoint and what is best for the animals. However, people do tend to keep them and by making them illegal we limit available resources and in the end it's the animal that suffers and they just end up being sold and kept below ground. They do not and can not seek help, learn, education can't build proper habitats as they are quite noticeable in someone's yard and can not provide proper medical care. They also aren't likely to speak out and educate others about the difficulties of keeping those pets and why it shouldn't be done after learning the hard way for fear of consequences. Most exotic animals can not be kept as 'pets' in the same sense that a domesticated dog or cat can. In most cases if someone has a love for those typically thought of as exotic 'pets' they are better off volunteering at a sanctuary or a zoo where they may still be able to be around them and care for them but learn to understand a bit better and not perpetuate the cycle.

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