Should Animal Fur Be Banned?


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I think it defiantly should because it is very cruel to animals and I don't see whats so fashionable about wearing a dead animal on your back!
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Robbing animals of their fur coats in, in my opinion ,wicked and cruel.   Some animals are in traps for days, with horrific limb injuries etc waiting fot the trapper to come along. Some animals are skinned alive. Believe me it is the cause of unspeakable suffering. What right have we to wear an animals fur. Women that do so, in my opinion ,are not pretty and attractive but pretty ugly---inside, in their hearts!
  So yes fur should be banned. I am ashamed on behalf of all my human "sisters "that some have worn and wear animal fur!
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 Should be banned except for the original wearer. For instance, I would not want my cats to have to give up their warm coats...

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