What Is The Climate For Red Fox?


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They live three to four years in the wil.
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Red foxes prefer to live in the soil hole, tree holes or rock Sutures, sometimes
take rabbits, badgers and other animals nest, winter, water gas emitting from
the hole, and a clear red fox frost, and scattered footprints, urinary track and
feces, in summer a new hole dug around the soil, significantly above the tracks,
there is a very strong smell of urine odor Fox. But it often is not fixed
residence, and education in addition to Aberdeen during the breeding season and,
in general are habitat alone. Usually come out at night, sleeping during the day
concealed in a hole, the long tail is moisture, warmth of the role, but in
desolate places, and sometimes during the day will come out in search of food.
Despite its short legs, claws are very sharp, runs quickly, speed up when
chasing prey more than 50 kilometers per hour, but also good at swimming and
climbing trees. Red fox suspicious by nature, most of the first action on the
careful observation of the surrounding environment, so in our country with
"suspicion" is used. When the encounter predators, it will use the body hidden
in a secret weapon - anal gland, which secretes the other animals make almost
choking, "body odor," smell the odor may not stop to chase down. In critical
cases, it can also use coming into the flock, and other methods hidden jump into
the river to escape. Was caught red fox hunters, there are a set of "playing
dead" the ability to temporarily stop breathing, seems to have been dying the
mercy of others, but by the time people do not prepare, they suddenly fled
quickly. These acts of cunning, are its superb means of survival.

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