What Are Some Success Stories With People Having Monkeys As Pets?


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There aren't any really but you haven't mentioned any specific types of monkeys (some are more primitive/prehistoric but not what people think of when they think monkey in most cases so I'll address what most people are going to think of).
The very first step to understanding and even any sort of interaction with monkeys is to understand they can't be 'pet's' in any sense of the word. Ever. They are not domesticated nor will they ever be nor can they conform to that little box we define as 'pet' or that of a perpetual human child (they grow up) and people that think they can change that (and they do some crazy things) end up hurt and with a broken heart and torn to pieces.
Often it has been years of thinking of a monkey as their own child (5, 6, 10, more)  when they realize they can not be made to be a pet and have tried everything they can think of (again, crazy, and sometimes cruel in hindsight and from those on the outside that know, but they are desperate to try and make it work), they are now terrified of this 'child' , everyone in the house is fighting because they are all either being attacked (stitches, hospital) or there is one person in the household that has escaped so far and nothing has worked, they have spent tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands trying to make things better and then they realize have to let to let them go be a monkey because they will never be a pet and can't be made into one or they have bitten someone and been taken away.
The problem with your question is that monkey and pet don't actually belong in the same sentence as just about any primate or monkey person will be the first to tell you. They have to be what they are. Monkeys, not pet's. Meet some friends of mine :-), there are videos too, and if you live close enough maybe you can volunteer some of your time to help out and get to know what monkeys are really all about and why it isn't possible to turn them into a 'pet'.
www.junglefriends.org www.petmonkeyinfo.org www.simiansociety.org www.monkeyzone.com
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Some people has the addiction to keep pet in home. So it can be a monkey, a snake or anything. It depends on the person how he thinks i.e. His mentality.

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