My Beta Fish's Fin Is Disintegrating?


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It sounds like fin rot, its other symptoms are
, loss of appetite and laying on the bottom of the tank. This is due to a bacteria that infects the fins of the fish. It is sometimes brought about by bullying from other fish and fin nipping. Most often it is due to poor water quality this fish disease can be easily cured by using antibiotics such as Tetracycline or copper sulphate solution with iodine less salt and with periodic
partial water change until fish recovers
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I had the same problem once.. But it was a long time ago.  If I recall correctly, I am going to guess it is a case of fish ich.  They can tell you for sure at the pet store.  They sell medications at pet stores for treating fish ich.
At least you are not doing as a friend of mine did.  He knew nothing about aquariums, and asked me why his fish kept dying.  I went to check it out, and he had put about 20 betas in the tank together.  I then explained to him that there was a reason why they called them Siamese Fighting Fish.

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