What To Give Minature Pincher To Calm Him Down?


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Nothing usually. You mean in general? If the breed is too hyper for you then the breed would just not be a good fit for you. It's one of the benefits of a pure bred, predictable and set characteristics and genetics, a dog is not just a dog, they are different and have different traits. They fit with different people and not every dog fits every person.
Miniature Pinschers are hyper, smart dogs that can be a little too much for some people. You don't dope them up and risk their health and their life just to settle them down if it wasn't the best fit. Try a good group training course, it will give you guys something to do and practice at home as well as tricks to keep your pup occupied and mentally challenged as well as socialized and help establish the proper relationship needed and see if that helps. Smart active dogs get bored and frustrated easily and need an outlet, if they don't get it, they act out. Not their fault. It is important that we be able to meet their needs as well as them meeting ours or everyone ends up frustrated and unhappy. Did your breeder go over what they are like with you and make sure it really was the kind of dog that would fit with you and your experience and lifestyle and needs?

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