Saint Bernard Help! Any Suggestion?


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I am 13 and Recently Convinced my dad into a Saint bernard which I had been wanting for 3 years. They are extremely gentle, But you MUST start Training them as soon as you get them. They Will Jump on you, and they will get into anything and everything. If you don't train Them to stay down then it will knock you down, I don't have a problem with dogs jumping, But Tucker (my dogs name) is to big for that. They do get along with other Animals, because I have two other dogs, and Two cats. He gets along great with them. And make sure you socialize it well, They can be dangerous to outside people if they feel they are going to hurt you, Because they are VERY loyal dogs, and will stay with you no matter what. They drool after they eat or drink, but not as bad as people say. They shed, but just brush them at-least every few days, Do not bath them within the same week, They need the oil on there fur, and Be careful around there eyes. My saint bernard is the best dog I have ever had, and most of my family agrees. Enjoy your saint bernard. And god bless
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I have a Saint Bernard myself, we named him Howard, we take him on walks all of the time, you are supposed to keep them social, because if they are at home all of the time, then they will be like guard dogs, they are very friendly, and happy, and are very fun to have around, it is very important to give them lots of exercise, so they don't get to fat, they are very lovable, and are very affectionate, if they lick, you make sure that you pet them, never push them away, that will lower their self esteem.
Well I have a ton of knowledge, but I don't think I can type it all, you might want to buy a book, or check out a few websites!
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You do also realise that although nice and big there very strong not like taking your average terrier for a walk will also need heaps more exercise give this a lot of thought and get a book on them so you know everything first
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First of all saint bernards do not need heaps of exercise, considering i actually own one, they actually need to be carefully monitored so that there not OVER excercised, it can be bad and dangerous on there joints, Saint Bernards require about a mile walk a day, they are gentle giants and very lazy creatures, I dont know where u got your facts Sunnyd, but u couldnt be more wrong. They do infact get along with all animals, I own a maltese also, and they play wonderfully!!
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St. Bernards and quite a few other of the large breeds do tend to be very gentle.  However, they tend to eat more than an average sized dog, and having been bread for cold temperatures, they shed A LOT in warmer climates.  Let me tell you, those big fluff balls will drop fur everywhere.  Also, although they do get along well with people and animals, they are still a bit territorial and will bark at passersby to their property and when one of those dogs bark, you will know it. 
Then you come to the subject of baths!  Have you given thought to how difficult it will be to keep a 120 lbs of soaked dog in the tub as you're scrubbing him down?  That fur will gather a lot of dirt and filth as he goes outside.
Just some things to think about...  There are great points to a big dog though.  Like a huge fluffy pillow!
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St. Bernards are great dogs and great with everyone I have had Duke which is a saint since I was around the age of 8 or 9 I'm 23 now and have a 21 month old son. If they are around kids to start off with and you teach the to be gentle then they ain't that bad. The funniest part is you can walk a st. Bernard they walk you once they get old. And once bigger make sure you get a logging chain or they break them every time. Mine has broke so many chains and the main way we could caugh him is open the front door and he go straight for my bed or act like we fell and got hurt and hed come lay right there beside us and not move. They are great dogs and very procetitive of everything I just had a stray dog  have puppies in his dog house and he didnt offer hurt them and the pups are only 2 days old
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Train him when he's little
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I have a st bernard and thay r grate pets, but my dog ways 156 pounds it will be hard to keep it a small dog so wen it starts to get big try not to let your dad see it.
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You better watch out they get pretty big I saw one in the paper yesterday it was 567 pounds!          And they eat a lot  go to and cat breeds and go to saint bernards

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